Still alive.


All the Virology on the WWW was launched in 1995, but was last updated around 2007, which unfortunately means many of the links collected here may be broken or outdated. A good place to go to follow curiosity, but perhaps not the best for keeping up with modern research.

Anatomy of the Human Body (published in 1918 by Henry Gray), here in web format for easy reference and complete with thousands of detailed entries and hundreds of beautiful engravings.

CELLS Alive! is a neat web resource for cell biology, microbiology, immunology, and microscopy. Published and updated continuously since May, 1994.

Histology-World was the first link ever placed on this site and provides hundreds of photos of various tissue slides magnified under a microscope. Also some games and other resources!

Let's Learn Together! is a fellow Neocities user whose site is dedicated to sharing various essays and resources on a remarkable breadth of topics, ranging from art and spirituality to mathematics and the sciences (and much more!). This site is a major inspiration for my own. If you are able, consider supporting their work!

Eventually, this will be a place for my own pages about these topics and others, but I'm currently busy learning and compiling resources for the material I want to share freely on this site. For now, I'll share some useful links I've come across. If you know of any other websites that would fit in here (even if it's your own), let me know!

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